People, especially who's living with me, always forget when it comes to food. They frequently forget what to buy and/or what did they missed when they are doing groceries. And once they had bought their groceries, sometimes too much, some of those food hit their expiry dates.
So I'm going to implement two mediums that had existed, shopping list and a timer. 
What is the Idea / Solution?
This smartphone app allows users to input what to buy, which acts like a normal pen and paper shopping list. Then they select which store they are about to go in to shop. Once they have done shopping and are checking out, the items that they have listed down will be automatically ticked off one by one.

After they got ticked off, a timer will immediately start for each bought grocery items, counting to their expiry date. If the food is close to its expiration, the app will notify the user to consume it as soon as possible.

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